34/ Methods of scientific research

What you have seen so far was not made up or quoted from a book. We do long-term research in nature and document environmental changes in the region. It takes repeated field trips, searching for species, observation, collecting and preparation of samples and specimens, recordkeeping, species identification, data processing, writing reports and scientific publications, etc.

Each of the involved science fields – geology, botany, mycology, and zoology – has its specific methods. Their use requires experience, education, and cooperation with other specialists and the public. You can take a look at a series of snapshots from our work.



Palaeontologist with a geological hammer

Mycologists recording found fungi

Collecting plants for a herbarium

Preparing plants for drying

Malaise trap used for capture of flying insects

Entomologists searching in dry decayed wood from a hollow tree

Collecting of nocturnal insects

Bird captured in a net for the purpose of ringing and biometrics

Bird ringing

Birdwatching with a telescope



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