Ethics code of Archeologie východních Čech

Archeologie východních Čech is reviewed archaeological serial focused on publication of original studies and material papers related to gone-by East Bohemian region. By submitting a post all authors, members of body of editors and reviewers agrees with instructions for authors, rules for review procedures and basic ethics code below and they are obliged to observe it.



  • Afford to editorial staff papers which are results of their own research
  • If there are more authors, they will be all posted
  • Presented paper wasn’t publicized at another serial or auxiliary ledger and they will not do it in the future
  • There is no plagiarism
  • Consistently quote all ideas of another authors
  • Keep copyright law at text and pictures
  • Give editor right to publish paper by the print, electronically and by the databases

Body of editors

  • Keep neutrality and independence
  • Evaluate the papers with high professional view
  • Inform the editorship when they are in conflict of interest
  • Suggest reviewers at their best as independent professionals at their field of study
  • Keep in secret identity of authors and reviewers during review procedure


  • Protects personal data and interest of authors and reviewers
  • Cares for adherence the ethics code, instructions for authors and rules of review procedure
  • Inform authors about results of review procedure
  • Cares of adherence of review if it isn´t in contrast with this codex
  • If there are some question, can ask for another reviewer
  • Names of reviewers are published after review procedure


  • Make review report personally
  • Evaluate the papers without prejudice and without bias
  • Prefer constructive proposals and recommendations to raise the level of the magazine
  • Evaluate quality of papers, not their main thoughts
  • Point at serious circumstances due to which can be paper discarded
  • Refuse to make a review if they are in conflict of interest for feel biased
  • Refuse to make a review if they are not professionally qualified to make evaluation